Free Agency / Practice Squad

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Free Agency / Practice Squad

Post by NotSoInvincible on Tue Aug 23, 2016 9:46 pm

Free Agency:

You are limited to two 70+ OVR pickups each week.  Violation of this rule will result in loss of players and suspension from the Free Agent market.  The time frame can and will vary.  Just be good, OK?

There is no limitation, however, on the number of players below 70 OVR.  If you wish to pickup five 63s, go ahead... provided that your roster size is not capped out.

Due to how the CPU handles Free Agency, avoid signing players which have been released by these teams within 24 hours of advance. I will be working on a "fair game" system to allow users a chance to claim one of these players instead of a DIBS! basis.

If the CPU takes over a User team, impact players will likely be released. Should this occur, those players will be restricted until end-of-season. This is to protect the former team and return it to a "normal" state. If other CPU teams decide to sign those players, so be it.

Practice Squad:

A new feature to Madden 17 is the addition of a Practice Squad. Having experimented with the CPU, the "sign players" feature will be disabled. This means that for both User and CPU, Practice Squad players are truly exclusive to the assigned team. Remember this when making your roster cuts and any depth chart or position changes.

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